From experimental passion projects to mass production industry product development, we have the skills to turn your vision into reality.  We thrive on creative challenges and enjoy building strong relationships along the way. Explore our work below and contact us directly to learn more.


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Paper to CAD

Paper to CAD is the most common service we provide. It is a procedure of converting paper drawings (physical or scanned) into 3D CAD models and/or 2D Drawings. It could be as simple as a handmade drawing explaining basic properties of your project or libraries of individual drawings of parts which were created prior to CAD (or 3D CAD) and only have the paper drawings on file.

Reverse engineering and modifying existing parts

If your engineering department have faulty equipment in your factory and they cannot get the spare parts for it anymore (it could be a small plastic part or a complicated shaft). It can be reverse engineered, rebuild to its “as new state” and arranged for sample or batch production. With proper analysis of the broken part, it is possible to make the new spare parts more reliable than the old ones. The same principle applies if you would like to modify or enhance any other part.


Research and Development

If you would like to release a new product to the market we will provide you with its development, including: prototyping, securing supply chain, assembly and shipping. If you are thinking about work space modernization, like improving workshops/laboratories productivity. We will create new production line layouts; develop shelving, benches, gates, computer terminals and other specialized equipment design to suit your needs.

CAD simulation modelling and rendering

We have a wide range of advanced simulation modelling services, helping to define mechanical properties of your parts, before they are manufactured. Furthermore for marketing and visualization purposes we provide render and animation services.


Department overflow and document handling systems

We happily provide assistance to design departments with overflow of work. We are able to work independently on outstanding projects or parts of it, until your company gets up to date with all the work. This means that you do not need to employ additional personnel, if you experience sporadic busy times. Furthermore, by analyzing typical procedures, finished designs and projects we can improve your department productivity and create file handling system compatible with ISO 9001 accreditation.

3D Printing

We can help with your projects coming to life, no matter if you need them for your company or to satisfy your artistic ambition. We can 3D print shapes that are not achievable in any other way. Flexibility of 3D printing is priceless when it comes to producing evolving prototype parts, specialized items that you cannot buy to improve your work space or broken parts of equipment. Best examples are electrical item enclosures and brackets (for LCD displays, switches, panels). Furthermore we can print a scaled version of large assembly for marketing purposes. We provide:

- 3D printing for mass production,

-3D printing for bespoke production prototyping and spare parts,

-3D printing brackets, holders, complicated shapes, prototypes, scaled models, equipment enclosures, art, and many more.


Prints are available in large amount of different materials and colors, like: PLA, ABS, PET-G, Nylon, Flex and many more. We will advise on the best material depending on your parts and price your print individually in the most competitive manner.


If you are interested in 3D printing of your parts send us an Email and attach your designs. We will guide you through the process.

Most of the time we are able to provide you with free samples of your print.